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The SlovoEd Compact English-Russian electronic dictionary will provide you with clear definitions and most common translations for the English-Russian pair of languages. The dictionary database included in the program is powered by "Russkiy Yazik Media", whereby the English-Russian dictionary contains 20,000 entries, there are 5,000 sound modules, and the Russian-English dictionary contains 25,000 entries. The sound modules allow you to hear correct pronunciations clearly, helping you to learn to communicate properly. A built-in morphology module enables you to translate a word in any grammatical form.

The Compact edition presents you with a friendly Windows-style interface that you can set up to look and feel the way you want, by changing its size, color, language display settings, and fonts. The electronic dictionary database is up to date, detailed, and able to provide you with the translations you need with just one click. You can translate your documents, e-mails, and web pages without leaving the application that you are working in. The program is available in a more detailed Deluxe edition that has a larger database, and also in a Classic edition with a slightly larger database than the Compact one, but all three have the same functionality.

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  • Features pronunciation modules


  • The program's size differs from the main page to the download page
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